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Battery Dimensions How to properly measure an Industrial Battery






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How to measure your battery

The steel tray that contains the individual cells is part of the battery assembly.

Always take EXTERNAL (outside) tray dimensions:

          Length (X) From one lifting tab to the other, across the width of the forklift.

          Width (Y) From the front to back of the forklift.

          Height (Z) From the bottom to the top of the lifting tabs (or cover if applicable).

          If the battery has a cover, note the style: orange_arrowBattery Cover Styles


Cable Length and position

Measure cables from A, B, C or D position, as shown above.

          Measure from the edge of the tray to the plug, noting the position.

         Only measure the length that protrudes or hangs from the battery tray.

          A and B position are usually on drivers left and right as shown.

          It is better to have too much cable than too little.

          Note the plug type and color: orange_arrowStandard Battery Plugs

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