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   Standard Battery Tray Styles and Covers: 


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Standard Covers: Available on most models – no charge.

Your local GB Sales Representative can answer any cover questions you may have.

·          Most New Batteries are in stock with or without a standard cover, or can be special ordered (3 week delivery).

·          Batteries that are built for “no cover” cannot be retrofitted with a cover.

·          Standard “A” and “B” covers are easily removable.

·          Standard “A” cover is easily reversible.

·          Three-week delivery for non-standard or custom covers.


Side View:


             No Cover                   Standard Cover “A”                               Standard Cover “B”

                                                          (Reversible)                                          (No Handles on stock batteries)                      





Non Standard Covers:

Modest upgrade charge may apply to cover additional materials. Three-week delivery time.


Top View:

Copy of Tray Cover Diagram (6)      Tray Cover Diagram (6)      Copy 2 of Tray Cover Diagram (6)

   Option “C” – With Handles          Option “D” - top cable outlet           Option “E” - Bi-Fold / Split

              (Standard on “EE”)                          (One outlet provided per battery)           (Two hinges, attached to long side)



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